Medium Macrame Wall Hanging

Medium Macrame Wall Hanging


This piece features the signature v-bow shaped branch, hand made with high quality single ply cotton cord. Features in music video ‘Dark Forest’.

Colour: Natural colour.

Width - 14

Length (Top to bottom) - 45”

Length including hanging cord - 53”

*All wood is sourced from fallen branches found in woodland. Hanging cord can be shortened by by untying it and shortening to desired length. 

Using exquisite cotton and fallen wood sourced by hand from the English woodlands, every piece is uniquely made to compliment the shape of the branches, using a balanced approach to strike the perfect harmony between wood and cotton. The finished pieces often hang in the tree’s under the English winter sun, harnessing the power and beauty of the woodland once more.

Shipping: All items shipped within 1-3 business days (First Class)

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